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Meet Our Founder
& Head Life Coach

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Lauren Francisco

Lauren Francisco isn't just a life coach and humanitarian; she's a passionate architect of self-discovery with a passport overflowing with more than just stamps, but stories, testimonials, and a heart driven by purpose.


Her journey began with a thirst for understanding the human experience, leading her to a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Business Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University. Further honing her expertise, she earned a Master of Clinical Social Work degree from George Mason University.


Lauren Francisco’s true classroom has always been the world itself, with her home being in both the States and South Africa. From bustling cities to quiet rural villages across multiple oceans, she's worked with thousands, while witnessing the beauty and resilience of the human mind and spirit in all its forms. This global perspective ignited a fire within her: to empower individuals to become masters of their own lives.


Lauren believes life is our greatest coach, whispering lessons through every experience. Her mission is to help you listen.


Through virtual workshops, courses, retreats around the world, and her captivating podcast,” Unbothered:Mastering Self-Improvement,” she creates a vibrant community where self-improvement and global impact are intertwined.


Francisco’s platform, Life Coach On Demand, as well as her global movement and non-profit, DiverseCity, Inc., serve as vessels and opportunities for all who are willing to learn how to unlock their full potential, transforming life's challenges into opportunities for growth.


Life could be less about the destination, but a constant evolution and beautiful act of journeying within and journeying abroad. If the world is a classroom, Lauren never skips a class, and believes neither should you. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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