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Healing The Healer

Why Life Coaching Works For Physicians

by: Deborah Bruno posted: March 25, 2015

Frustrated Doctor who needs a life coach

Physician burnout can lead to depression, health and financial problems.  Physicians are healers and often have the belief that they themselves would never need help.  They are very hesitant to reach out to other medical professionals such as Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals and therefore never have the support they themselves need to be a successful professional.  They often turn to alcohol or drugs over time.

Why then would a Physician reach out for support with a Life Coach or Executive Coach?  

First, and foremost it releases the stigma attached to asking for help from a mental health professional.  Physicians are very careful about upholding their reputation in the medical community and therefore are not likely to take the mental health route.  A Life Coach is aware that many Physicians, Lawyers, and Executives are faced with this dilemma and therefore never receive the coaching they need to continue functioning at a high level.

Secondly, it's not a doctor patient relationship! It's a partnership.  A Life Coach partners with the Professional and creates a thought provoking process in achieving goals or changes with the ultimate result of improving oneself and achieving well defined goals.

Third, it's private and confidential.  The Physician determines the location and time and could potentially have a life coach in another state or country.  With technology today, a Life Coach utilizes confidential measures to create privacy and confidentiality.

Fourth, it's not therapy!  A Life Coach is not qualified to conduct psychotherapy nor should he or she attempt to do so nor diagnose a client.  A Life Coach is there to help Physicians execute a plan to resolve an immediate challenge.  Burnout is one example of a challenge Physicians may be confronted with.  A Life Coach is qualified to help with those immediate issues.  

Fifth, a Life Coach knows your business.  Life Coaches specialize working with certain industries and know the challenges a Physician may face during his or her career.  Burnout can be costly and it leaves the professional exposed to medical errors.  Life Coaches stay focused on the business aspect of the partnership as well and understands the business risks of not reaching the goals.

Sixth, a Life Coach knows how to re-organize the practice.  Burnout often creates a chaotic business structure because the Physicians ability to lead diminishes.  Therefore a Life Coach can assist in re-establishing core values and processes that have gone array.  Truthfully when a Physician reaches burnout often there is employee turnover and patient decline.  

If you are feeling burnout maybe it's time you consider seeking a Life Coach.  The cost of having a Life Coach is far less expensive then the health and financial risks a Physician faces in burnout without one.

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