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Chris Padgett, CLC, NLPP

Yuba City

It's quite simple. We are here to help you be the very best "YOU" you can be. Whether you are at a pivitol point in your life and looking for direction on where you want to go, needing guidance through stressful situations in your professional or personal life, or you just feel completely lost and helpless, we can and will help.

Chris Padgett is a Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and a Specialist in Brainwave Entrainment. He has years of psychology experience in various mental health agencies, but utilizes his very own personal and soulful approach to helping people. He is sought out by professional musicians, actors, NASCAR drivers, CEO's and other prominent professionals desiring his unique talent in helping, and now he is in private practice to make his services available to anyone who needs it.

"It literally took me forty years of life experiences to finally come to know, love and appreciate myself as the unique and individual soulful part that I am of this interdependent and interconnected web of existence called life, the Universe, or whatever one chooses to call it. I now know that the answers to all of the questions of living come from within; they are already there. We just need to tap into them, and that is where life coaching, soul coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, brainwave entrainment and the like all work as bridges between a person and that awareness. It is now my goal and my soulful duty to help others by guiding them through helping themselves. I want to make a difference in people's lives and to be an enhancement to them." -Chris Padgett

Chris lives by the belief that you can achieve anything you want when you truly believe you will have it, when you will receive it with gratitude, and when you desire to be generous and help others. He does not believe that anything is idealistic; beyond his career as a life coach, Chris is also a successful musician and writer.

As he says, "Anyone can overcome the mental barriers that have been conditioned within from the beliefs of others, and can have the freedom to be all that is wanted in this life. All it takes is a desire and a willingness."

If you have that desire to be the best "YOU" possible, and live the life that you want, then let us help you "find yourself..." and give you... Freedom to Be!

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Psychology - UNC-Charlotte 1991 Certified Life Coach Certified NLP Practitioner Certified Brainwave Entrainment Specialist


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Divorce Coach, Life Coach, Personal and Professional Coach, Personal Coach, Relationship Coach