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About Us

A Message From Our CEO

Hello and Welcome to Life Coach On Demand

Life Coach On Demand helping people find life coaches online internationally

The birth of this site was born out of a need that I personally recognize as I practice as a seasoned Psychotherapist and Executive Leadership Coach in Miami Florida. Although Psychotherapists and Life Coaches have some similarities, they do have significant differences as well. But one astonishing similarity I discovered was that both had significant challenges marketing their respective practices.  Life Coach On Demand is specifically designed to help Coaches to successfully market their practice with little or no investment.  Thus, was born.    

As I practiced as a successful entrepreneur myself, I discovered challenges early on in my own business.  I uncovered the need for a resource; a place for both the Life Coach consumer and the Life Coaches to match their needs and their expertise to help people achieve their ultimate goals in life.  One of Life Coach On Demand's value statements is to build relationships between Life Coaches and the individual or organization.  The success of one's goals is dependent on the success of that Life Coach relationship.

Life Coach On Demand helping people to find a life coach internationally

Please feel free to search and learn if you are an individual or an organization seeking professional Life Coaches.  All of our Life Coaches go through a vigorous screening process and are approved by our Board Of Directors.  We have made the site easy to navigate and provide you with business profiles, blogs, videos and more so that you can make an informed decision when selecting one of our professionals to partner with.

In addition, I was astonished to learn that people are seeking information and education about improving their life or improving workplace productivity and profits.  With our numerous disciplines and subject expertise you can surf, learn and incorporate strategies to improve any area of your life.  And, at Life Coach On Demand it's FREE.

Again, I welcome you to learn and enjoy our Life Coach On Demand website offerings.  We are here to help! With our Life Coaches On-Line Feature you can access a professional on-demand absolutely FREE.  I honor your feedback.  So please if there is anything you would like to share with me directly, you can e-mail CEO Deborah A. Bruno .

Much Success!

Best Wishes,
Deborah A. Bruno, MSW, LCSW, EAP, CPC
Chief Executive Officer